Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing or Internet marketing refers to any kind of paid or free efforts using internet via websites, emails or advertising to drive traffic to your website to generate sales/sales leads.

Internet marketing can be broadly divided into more specialized areas such as –

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO - for organic search traffic)
  • Paid advertising (PPC, CPM, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.)
  • Social Media Optimization/Marketing (FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin etc.)
  • Email Marketing (enhancing both advertising and promotional marketing efforts for current and prospective customers)

Each of these strategies, when implemented effectively, boosts website visibility with the goal of high conversions, and hence boosts your business through internet. And the best thing about it is that it works 24 x 7 without your much involvement.The Great news about internet marketing is,

  1. It works very well for local business also & leaves a direct impact on local business growth.
  2. It’s the cheapest mode of promotion with widest reach of customers.

Benefits of learning Digital Marketing

There might different reasons for different people to join internet marketing course viz.

  • Finding internet marketing job
  • Increasing your credentials
  • Increasing your value to employers
  • Solidifying core concepts of internet marketing
  • Gaining knowledge to start your own online business
  • Promoting your existing business website or blog
  • Better monitoring of how your SEO team is working
  • Starting home based freelance work as internet marketer
  • Boosting your confidence

Who can learn Digital Marketing?

In brief, any body with little internet surfing experience & interest in promoting businesses, products and services. E.g.

  • Students of any stream (science, arts, commerce, engineering etc.)
  • Marketing professionals/Managers
  • Bloggers
  • Business Owners
  • Self employed professionals like doctors, consultants, interior designers, architects, CA’s etc. who wish to increase visibility and bring leads through internet.
  • Housewives
  • Retired Persons

What would you learn in Our Digital Marketing Course?

A to Z, in this online marketing course we are going to learn every internet marketing activity, needed to promote any business online, Step by Step. Following topics would be focused in our Internet Marketing Course:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), On Page and Off Page practices
  2. SMO (Social Media Optimization), covering major 5 social media specifically
  3. Google PPC (Pay Per Click), Google Adwords
  4. Email Marketing Principles
  5. Tools like (Google Webmasters, Bing Webmasters, Google Analytics, Yslow, PageSpeed etc.)

Why Our Digital Marketing Course in oddomart?

  • Complete course content is prepared by Experts
  • Professional Faculty of 8+ yrs. of teaching experience
  • Workshop Based Learning - Brainstorming Session on Each Topic
  • Latest and updated internet marketing techniques as per real-time project requirements.